Top Reasons People Fall in Their Home: Lack of Exercise

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Just 15 minutes of exercise every other day can lower your fall risk.
Just 15 minutes of exercise every other day can lower your fall risk.

One of the top reasons that seniors fall in their homes is because they do not engage in regular physical activity.

Failure to exercise regularly results in poor muscle tone, decreased strength, and loss of bone mass and flexibility. All contribute to falls and the severity of injury due to falls.

Prevention Tips

  • Engage regularly (e.g., every other day for about 15 minutes daily) in exercise designed to increase muscle and bone strength, and to improve balance and flexibility. Many people enjoy walking and swimming.
  • Undertake daily activities in a safe manner, such as reaching and bending properly, taking time to recover balance when rising from a chair or bed, learning the proper way to fall, and learning how to recover after a fall.
  • Wear proper fitting, supportive shoes with low heels or rubber soles.

Sources: Centers for Disease Control, Colorado State University.

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