Tips for Caring for Someone with Alzheimer’s

  It can be difficult to hear that a loved one has received an Alzheimer’s diagnosis. It can be a heartbreaking moment which may be difficult to cope with for everyone in involved. If you are a partner, caregiver, or … Continued

Quality of Life: Tips for Seniors on Staying Active and Involved

  Courtesy of   Lack of social interaction, mental stimulation, and physical exercise among senior citizens can leave them with feelings of depression, lack of direction, and lack of purpose. Maintaining quality of life is important to older adults … Continued

5 Tips for Caregiving After a Hip Replacement

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Tips to ease a loved one’s recovery No one wants a loved one to fall and injure a hip, but accidents do happen. In fact, more than 8 million people worldwide suffer from osteoporosis-related fractures each year. And age can … Continued

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